The product architects

We are The Product Architects.

We are a strategic product design

studio that helps organisations to

create impactful products, services

and ventures.

How can we help ?

Product design

We help you to conceptualise, design and realise product experiences which truly solves customer problems and which actually meet their needs. We specialise in creating digital or phygital (or hybrid) product experiences for your customers. This allows you to focus on driving your organisation and business forward.

Vision, strategy & foresight

Lying awake about a future vision that can drive your business into the future? We can do this, today. We can help your organisation to map your environment and customers so you can identify opportunities where your organisation can make an impact. We help to envisage a new vision and to design a strategy to execute the vision. This allows you to create new markets, disrupt existing markets and invent innovative products. Stay ahead of the heard, the actionable way.

Innovation and corporate
venturing support

Innovation is hard. We’ve been around the block a few times (both in large corporates and start-ups). You can use our toolkit to move your organisation forward. We help in building your innovation and corporate venturing powerforce — or we help you to invest in the next corporate startup. 

The launchpad

Our launchpad bundles services which allow your organisation to move to lasting results quickly

through a low-effort investment and without spending months in budgets. This way you can

focus on getting results and act on these.

Design sprint
Fast Track

Move from idea to validated solution through a proven methodology, without spending months in a project. In one to two weeks we will build a prototype that will be tested with real users. Highly recommended!


Want to be inspired? Want to know the latest trends? Looking for new business models? Curious to learn how the insurgents do it? We can provide that and more during a one-day innovation workshop and we will blow your minds.

Design sprint
Fast Track

Sometimes you want to get another view at your product, organisation or innovation programs. We dive into your products, services, business model or others and provide you with no-nonsense actionable feedback.

Our Services

Building products the right way takes time and effort. We are here to help organisations achieving

that impact from inspiration to growth. We promise you, we deliver.

Strategic product
design service

Our most elaborate way to build new products, services and ventures together with your intrapreneurial team. We move from concept to launch in a highly customised program. This program is the best way to move into new markets, disrupt a market or better: create a new market.


In need of a more flexible solution to build the next kickass product, service or venture? Our venture team is here to help you to realise that ambition. We move from concept to launch and you can plug in your team where you want (or use it to jumpstart the carreers of your high potentials).


Want to add spice to your innovation engine? High corporate venturing ambitions? Opening a lab so people can experiment? Or looking to invest in the next start-up? Rely on our expertise to infuse your innovation and corporate venturing endeavours.


We do not only practice, we also preach (and practice what we preach, obviously). Are you interested

in applying the same techniques? Looking to build your own army of intrapreneurs? Look at our public

and private training. Need something tailored? We got you covered! Just reach out to us.

Design sprint bootcamp

Intrigued by how we solve problems and validate solutions rapidly? Want to introduce design sprints in your company? Don’t hesitate longer. Cut down on projects, budgets and take out the guessing of innovation in favor of rapid and validated results.

Product management

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither are products, ask our venture team. A design sprint will kickstart your process but that’s just the beginning. We will share with you how our team goes from concept to growth of a venture and how you can do the same in your organisation.

Who are we ?

We are experienced intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, innovators and product designers. We have

worked with and in large corporates and fast start-ups. We have been around the block a

couple of times. Now we have bundled our forces to help organisations to build better

products, services and ventures.

Hederik Laloo

Founder & Managing director

+32 473 81 29 70