Ours is the art of strategic product design where we can make every minute count Starting now.

Start to finish

At The Product Architects (TPA), we can propel your product from ideation to customer-validated prototype and business model in as little as 4 weeks.

We bring velocity and purpose to realise a tangible output – digital, physical or phygital – that you can share with the world at less risk, for lower investment and with faster market entry.

  • Stuck in ideation?
  • BAU getting in the way?
  • Suffering project creep?

TPA brings strategic product design expertise to any industry sector, averaging €250k+ created or saved on each client mission.

Proven creativity framework

TPA combines system thinking, design thinking and behavioural design in focused design sprints.

This approach, originally pioneered at Google, rapidly accelerates the design process and reduces risk via early customer validation.

Iteration is central to our strategic design methodology, guided by feedback to optimise the experience.

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System Thinking

The discipline of understanding the bigger picture – focusing on how the constituent parts of systems interrelate so that the products entering them are as successful as possible.

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Design Thinking

A highly developed set of principles and processes that create designs as the solutions to problems. Significant iteration and refinement within an accelerated framework.

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Behavioral design

The science of applying design to influence human behaviour; particularly behavioural decisions. Crucial to the purpose of products as well as their successful adoption and use.

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Strategic and commercial model

TPA can take you beyond the product to achieve an executable commercial strategy.

We’ll get inside your objectives, your market and your competition to enable ventures faster and easier than you even thought possible.

Call upon our extensive ecosystem to scale production and acquire specialist skills.

We are experienced intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, innovators and product designers. We’re passionate about creating great products and services, and the strategies that support them.

Hederik Laloo

Founder CEO

Hederik is our Founder and CEO, with a remarkable experience in Product Management, Startups and Design Thinking. He has conceived several platforms and products for the banking industry and beyond. After hours (or sometimes even during), you can find him dancing or teaching Salsa.

Rob Uyttersprot

Lead Product Designer

Rob is our product design specialist. He has cross industry knowledge in designing physical, digital or strategic products. His natural habitat is the conceptualization phase of innovative product service combinations. If you want to catch him outside of work, you can try Cafee Cabron in Antwerp.

Alain De Keyser

Lead Product Manager

Alain has 25 years board-level experience in spin-offs, start-ups & scale-ups, mainly in deep tech and renewables. He has a strong focus on innovation, valorisation and strategic positioning. He enjoys swimming and has been caught red-handed while trying to play the guitar.

Vincent Delrue

Graphic Guru

Vincent is our visual designer, blurring lines between graphic, digital and product design. His creative itch is scratched when building polished visual languages for your brand, product, or content. After his working hours, he’s on an eternal lookout for a true Finnish sauna in Belgium.